I saved that ho cause she bring more hoes

I was reading this article and I want to bash my own skull in for being so gotdamn wasteful and overindulgent. I suppose it is a good way to start a work week, with a little motivation. Let’s see how long this “I’m Gonna Get My Shit Together” campaign is going to last. I do get paid tomorrow so the good intentions kayaking through me should still be lingering when it’s time to pay bills. Plus, I did a quick breakdown and figured I could be rid of all my credit card debt by the end of next month, or sooner if I choose to not do anything remotely fun for the next 7 weeks(excluding free things like sex and getting drunk on someone elses dime). But the flip side to it all is what’s the purpose, like, why am I trying to have a nice cushion in my savings? I guess for the near future, maybe, because the distant future is something I hardly ever think of nowadays. How much discretionary money is enough? Having the ability to do something is just as good as actually doing it, I suppose. It’s sort of like owning a lot of sneakers and knowing that you CAN wear a different pair every day for a couple months, but not doing it. The Available Option Life Factor: If I need it, I got it, so I’m content. Or some shit along those lines. I was at the bar with my homie, just talking shit and I said if they want us to believe that this piece of paper is worth something then I should be able to walk into a club with a broken branch and buy out the bar. I’m quite aware that the statement is one that’ll never leave the ‘in theory’ column, but I believe it to be true.

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