How you got high expectations but got low patience?

It’s about 10 after 8 and I’ve been up since 6 am. That’s due to having to get up at 4:30 in the morning for work during the past week. New job is cool. I’m a lot more active than I was at my previous, not that it takes much to do more than nothing. It could be that I’m learning new things so my brain isn’t in cruise control yet. YET. How do you like your new job? I’ve gotten that question about ten times and I never know how to answer it. “It’s cool” usually suffices. Now, the countdown to a phatter check begins. I blew out one of my speakers yesterday. When I play music in my house, it sounds like a cheap ass homemade woofer box in someones late-80s Oldsmobile. Why are close-to-thirty year old men still whining about the state of hip-hop? It is 8:41, and this is how most of my entries are written, or typed. I’m going to go fix another cup of tea and hang off the edge of my sofa.

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