It’s never an in between, we either niggas or kings…

we either bitches or queens.

I may be alone in thinking that women actually don’t expect too much from men. The truth is men don’t expect much from themselves. I hope I’m saying that properly, correctly. I could make that statement not gender specific, but due to much self-reflection, I’m going continue on this road. As children, people have numerous interests and normally as you get older, the number of interests dwindle. Why does that happen? Dying brain cells? Priorities that come with adulthood? Laziness? I don’t know. I think that can change though. Who’s to say you can’t learn how to rebuild the engine of a 1978 Camaro, play third base for a farm team, harvest marijuana and beast on Madden 10 all while holding down a 9 to 5, and possibly raising kids. It’s not an impossible feat. So when women have a list of characteristics, qualities they want in a partner or expect their spouse to do certain things, saying she wants too much is a major stretch. Realistically, some of the things, like, be a provider, be a protector, be loyal, are traits that come natural to men. Or at least they should. So really, how extra is a woman being when she wants you to cut the grass, kill a spider and bring her some flowers every now and then.

NOW, I could easily write a million word essay on women not being about shit nowadays because (1) they don’t realize their potential, (2) there’s not a lot of positive female influences, or at least the media chooses not to show them and (3) guys will stick their dicks in anything and that directly affects the world view of what a woman worthy of admiration should be. Yes I could go there, but it would just end with me saying damn hoes is lazy and well that would be counterproductive. Right? Right.

Sidebar I just received my shipping confirmation email from NikeID and I’m ecfuckingstatic -cheese grin-.

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