Don’t you trust dem’ new ni…..

If someone asked what I believe in, I would say I believe in disbelief. I don’t want to label myself a pessimist, although some folk say a pessimist and a realist sort of walk the same path, but I feel that it’s less difficult for me to prove the abscence of something than the presence of nothing. I’m not out to take a dump on other people’s beliefs though. There is no Bill Mahering going on ’round these parts.

Yesterday, an anchor for CNN interviewed one of the founders for a nonprofit organization called Former Majority Association for Equality, which is a funny ass name to me. Basically, this organization is offering scholarships to only white males with a 3.0 GPA, and CNN keeps calling it controversial. Literally, before they say scholarship program, they say controversial. EVERYTIME. It’s fucking bugging the shit out of me. The way they are reporting it makes it seem like they are wanting it to ruffle a few feathers or they want Jesse to call up and spit one of his infamous rap-speeches, where everything rhymes. Okay, maybe that’s not 100% accurate and I’m basing it off an old MadTV skit but so what. What I’m not understanding is how this situation, although the selectivity is based off race, controversial, but a school labelling itself an HBCU isn’t. If Yale called itself an HW(hite)CU, bricks would be shat and YOU RACIST memes would be all over the place. Now, I’m not ignoring the fact that the Ivy League schools and universities in this country have histories smothered in racism and issues involving class and social status, because that would be super-stupid on my part, but if the term HWCU existed, you know Al Sharpton’s fat ass would be somewhere in D.C., leading a mock funeral procession celebrating the “death” of the term. Sidebar: niggers don’t die AL. Not sure if he was aware of that shit. Shout out to Paul Mooney.

Quite a few older black people whose brains I pick, mostly family members, partially blame desegregation for the demise of black communities. Actually, let me be more specific and say self-sufficient, progressive black communities. Hell, communities in general have become endangered and the reasons probably number in the triple digits. Big businesses knocking small, independent businesses out is the biggest factor in my opinion. You’ve got to wonder if segragation was still a social norm, and for the sake of this entry, racism is like it is now, hidden well(sometimes) yet still around(all the time), would there be more black owned independent businesses and more black millionaires? Nobody really gives asians any grief for having Chinatowns in damn near every major city. I don’t think a couple square blocks of a city being strictly black owned and operated is some unfathomable idea and it’s not “setting us back”, which is what some female guest said on CNN this afternoon with regards to the white male only scholarship. In reality, anytime a person/group does something that strictly benefits one race/ethnic group/sect, by default everyone outside the bubble is going to get dissed, or at least feel that way. People are way too sensitive ya’know.

Sensitive thugs/y’all all need hugs/Damn lil man, I’m just tryna do me

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