Gang graffiti is fucking primitive. I was waiting for the train yesterday evening and on the bench is scribbled something that looked like cave wall drawings. So I’m staring at it and me not being able to read it wasn’t the reason I wish it wasn’t there. It was just ugly as shit.

I had a thought yesterday about adoption of children and the euthanization of unwanted animals. If a child is in the foster system for a certain period of time and isn’t adopted by a loving family, am I fucked up for thinking he/she should possibly be “put down”? I mean, the chances of the kid growing up and being a productive member of society are so slim, why risk it, right? Now, if you’re saying to yourself that I’m cruel, then I pose this question: Why is there a timeline for animals if we live in a society where pets have become members of the family? After a certain number of years, why aren’t they released into the world? I don’t really want to kill little kids though. This is just a random thought. I have lots of those.

Even though it’s only Thursday, quote of the week goes to my homie Devin:

Some niggas like fat chicks.

We were both on a treadmill when he said that.

So, rumors of Donald Trump throwing his hat in the presidental race are swirling around. He seems like a ruthless business man. He’s like Neo, but instead of seeing everything in binary code, it’s dollar, yen, pound and euro signs. He was on CNN, talking about things that could be done to help America get out of the financial abyss that it is currently in. Great knowledge of global economics is something I do not possess. I’m also not well-versed in geopolitics, but given how much the guy is worth and/or how much he has amassed, I’m just going to assume his ideas are good, or at the least, sensible. So do I think he should run for president? Nope. But it might be a good move to have him as an advisor or offer him a spot in the U.S. Cabinet. Although, I have to say, a mental motion picture of him telling Hosni Mubarak YOU’RE FIRED is funny.

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