It’s a war going on outside, no man is safe from…

Bootcamp, no fatigues and kicks -Sean P

I used to live, sorta, by that line. But after almost 29 years of living, I was in dire need of alternatives to jeans and a very small selection of casual pants. Military issued bottoms expanded my waredrobe sooo much. But the surplus store downtown doesn’t have a wide variety of prints. No, that’s not true, I just wanted some crazy foreign camo prints so I went googling and discovered some sick ass unies. The prices are a bit more than I’m willing to shell out for, so the search continues.

Seems like every winter, on the side of my house that doesn’t get much sun, there’s an issue with the gutters or siding and there ends up being squirrels in the attic. My opinion on squirrels: they are day time rats, which makes them vermin and they should be exterminated if they are infesting a person’s house, just like they do with rats and mice. But, Maryland laws conflict with my views so they have to be captured, one by one (UGH!) and released back into the wild. This year, the soffit decided to break the fuck up and now it sounds like Wrestlemania: Rodents Rule. I live in the 3rd floor apartment, they are basically room mates I never see but always hear. I’ve been blasting music all day (Big Boi at the moment, 808s anyone?) so I wouldn’t drive myself bat-shit crazy listening to them run across the beams and do whatever the fuck they do.

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