TGIF…even though I lack optimism and no longer enjoy the weekend

As an adult, by legal definition, not mental state, a lot of sneakers I’ve purchased have been what I like to call redemption buys. These are shoes that originally released when I was a child with no income and relied on the not-so-willing-to-open wallet of my mom. She was NOT kicking out a hundred bucks for shoes. WAS NOT HAPPENING. But now, I’m employed and I have the ability to buy all the over priced apparel I want. This morning, I came across a bit of news that brought me great joy. Nike Air Jordan XI “Concord” will be released in December. 1995 was the year I believe. My cousin, who is 5 years younger than I am, had these shoes. And he DOGGED them. Furious I was. Pissed that I couldn’t get them. Super-pissed that he beat the dogshit out them. Come December though, I will have that decade-plus weight removed from my shoulders…hopefully.

CNN is showing constant coverage of the goings-ons in Egypt. I only know enough to give a quick summary of what’s occurring so I won’t front like a guru of current events. But my co-worker said to me as we walked pass the tv in the office: Maaan, they want the US to come declare war and save them. ??? I have no idea where he got that from. I hope he didn’t go on There will be a white house briefing about it in a few minutes, so I’m going to park my chair in front of the tube and partake in the circus.

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