You a wild bit…

I guess this post was inspired by O Munn’s latest Maxim spread, which I received in a pdf file a few days ago and cannot find. It’s no doubt that she is good looking, but I never thought she was insanely hot, even though her ever expanding fanbase would probably disagree with me, while tearing my body limb from limb. Actually, to be truthful, I can’t really think of any female that’s drop dead goregous but that’s just me nit-picking I suppose. Let me get back on track and explain why I rock with O Munn. Her sense of humor. Now, she is no George Carlin, but during her stint on AOTS, her off the cuff shit was rarely lame TO ME. Probably like 1 out of 50 was a stinker. Now, maybe her good looks influenced that, maybe not. One instance that stands out is when out of nowhere, although I’m sure a skit they showed sparked it, she went on a rant, at least 3 minutes in length about fat people. I really wish I could remember verbatim what she said, but I can’t and I won’t try and wing it and ruin it, but just the simple fact of her saying something like that on a network where I’m fairly certain a good portion of the audience is(are?) fat couch potato men, and probably women, and not give 2 shits about losing some fans makes her awesome in my book. So, thank you Miss Munn, for keeping a smile on my face and a tipi in my Gap jeans.

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