…might be the worst way to begin or end a sentence if you want to continue to have any inner peace. I don’t know if that makes sense but to continue to wish I could get away with certain things without getting funny looks would drive me crazy. Especially considering the many fucked up, ass backwards, plain ol retarded things that are accepted in society. For instance, the topic of sex with minors is one that comes up a lot when I’m with my friends. Aside from the legal repercussions, fucking a minor will have you permanently marked with what might as well be one of those red google map thumb tacks. A disclaimer: I’m not condoning 45 year old men taking advantage of elementary school kids, I’m not. Definitely not. That’s disgusting and those people need to have their throats stabbed with their own pedophaillic (see what I did there?) device. I’m talking about instances like say a high school senior on the football squad that has sex with a younger classmate or you’re out and about and see a chick and don’t know whether she’s 17 or 23. Y’all know. Y’ALL KNOW. You’ve uttered the phrase “what are they feeding these kids?” probably a few times. The whole age of consent and being old enough to understand and blah blah blah give me a break. My homeboy made a statement that was along the lines of if two 16 year olds can fuck each other, what’s the big difference if one is 3-4 years older than the other. That’s not verbatim of course, as it was probably a lot more cursing. When a female teacher gets outted as some kind of creepy nutjob for having a sexual relationship with a young male, be honest, most people, especially guys, aren’t thinking “oh that poor kid”, but more like “that lucky little prick”.

Other things that should be socially acceptable(& legal where applicable) include:
– partial nudity in public (especially for women in the warmer months as I’m sure their titties get overheated being all covered up)
– mild verbal abuse to overweight and ugly people (yes I know it’s “mean” but so is killing a van full of innocent kids because their father is a suspected terrorist)
– prostitution (explanation not necessary, is it? nah didn’t think so)
– public sex (not that I want to stroll through the park and stumble over a camera and director-less porn scene, but people shouldn’t be scolded and/or arrested for quickies in dark corners)
– dental jewelry in the work place (is every nigga wit dreads for the cause/is every nigga wit golds for the fall/nah…)

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