Captain Save’a Ho

With no Sunday game last night, and due to my 30 day no drinking policy, I was stuck in the house with nothing really entertaining to do. Of course, I could have gone the bang bros route but it was far too early in the evening to jack. Luckily, the premier of The Cape came on NBC. The commericals for the show didn’t really make me anxious to see it. But hey, what the hell, what else was I gonna do? Clean up? Do laundry? Pssh whatever. The show is cheesy. I don’t want to call it corny so I guess cheesy is the right word. But it’s a show about a costume wearing crime fighter so I guess cheesy is almost expected, to some extent. It’s sorta like the movie Spawn, but just not written as badly…so far. That oddly attractive chick from The Sara Connor Chronicles is in it. They haven’t gone deep into exactly who she is yet though. I’m willing to bet it’s on some Bruce Wayne shit: wealthy parents die at the hands of evil, kid grows up and uses money to take down scum. Does it sound like I’m shitting on the show? I’m not. At the most, I’m letting out a silent fart.

Then there is the Showtime newcomer, Shameless, which isn’t actually new at all. I only found out last night after watching the pilot that it’s another UK show that American television has decided to “re-work” and make its own. BOOOOO. I had such high hopes. But that’s not to say I wasn’t entertained. I do like it. I’ll probably like the UK version more. Sidebar I also watched Californication for the first time. One word: TITS.

I really really really suck at reviews.

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