Fuck wit’ the future

I am by no means a tech geek. But if I had my choice, at this very moment, I would much rather be in Las Vegas, getting gadget-chubs while prancing through the Consumer Electronics Show instead of putting in a 8 hour bid in this prison called a job. Just like any other brick blooded man, I looooove shiny new toys. Ones that bleep and blink and flash and buzz are even better. This year in particular, my interest is heightened because of the recent release of the LTE technology over at the Verizon Wireless clubhouse. I’m dying to see what new cell phones are going to come out. I love my Blackberry to death. I think BBM is THEE best messenger and it’s probably the sole reason I’m reluctant to switch brands but the guys at RIM… they need a kick in the nuts or the back of the neck or somewhere. Screw a tablet. Phones niggas! PHONNNNES. CATCH THE HELL UP! My renewal date is approaching and I’m itching to get something fancy.

…and as of 40 minutes ago, this is in the lead of the race. The Motorola Droid Bionic.

-wiggles fingers in the air rapidly-


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