Thank You for flying Delta

12 days. 8 flights. 4 different countries. What an adventure. And I’d do it all over again. Even the almost misplaced luggage, hauling ass through Stansted to just barely catch a plane to Amsterdam (it was about to pull off the tarmac!) and the crying toddler-infant combo on the 8 hour flight back home. I had no expectations for this trip, other than to have fun and enjoy my company. I feel safe in saying I did both. The scenery, the people, the food… oh man the food! Between sleeping in and all the walking/site-seeing, most of the time I was only eating 2 times a day at the max but those meals were always a treat and never a let down. That includes the 2 am falafel with the “HEY SURPRISE I’M A PICKLE IN YOUR FALAFEL SANDWICH” pickle (I do not like pickles). I have tons of pictures to post, so that’ll happen later on in the week, although I’m a lazy bum so I’ll probably only post a handful. Bite me. Maybe I’ll be fully recovered from my vacation by then. Oh the irony.

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