The empire on which the sun never sets

Entitlement. I think that’s the reason why people shit in public restrooms without using toilet seat liners. I’m not a germaphobe. I don’t have to discard a bar of soap after one use. I’m not that guy. But I cannot willingly sit my bare ass on the seat of a public toilet. And unless is a crossing the border, turtlehead poking out scenario, I will just hold it until I get home. I use liners and a few strips of t.p. when I’m at work. But then someone will come in, go straight to a stall and plop down like they are at home. I have to chalk that up to them having a feeling of ownership. Entitlement. ‘I Run Dis’. I used to have this wild idea that insects lay eggs around toilet seats and eventually, one of these days, they would catch me slipping and crawl up my ass. There’s really nothing I can do to fight that. But I can prevent some nasty fucks herp infested urine residue from coming in contact with my leg. And so should everyone else.

Now, I want to apply this same theory to why people don’t wash their hands but that’s just plain ol’ disgusting. They probably follow that same practice in their homes. Little microbiotic specks of fecal matter on all the door knobs throughout the house. -shivers-

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