Gotta read the labels

Ugly people give me dirty looks when I’m reading on public transportation. When I say ugly, I don’t mean the people who I don’t find attractive and may be beautiful to someone else. I’m talking the people whose ugliness is absolute. Now that I think about it, maybe it wasn’t a dirty look. Perhaps it was just her regular face.

When will a respected football commentator, or analyst if you choose to give them that kind of power, finally come out and say the Cowboys are a shitty team and Tony Romo is mid-tier (at best) QB? Has it already been said? Did I miss it? I have the NFL Network but I never watch it. The same can be said, and is being said, by me, about Phillip Rivers and the Chargers. They are conference reflections of each other. Overrated underachievers. Football related sidebar, Al Davis is immortal. Or satan. I don’t know which. Yet.

Every week, it seems, I experience a come the fuck on moment. This week, it consisted of me applying for an A&F credit card, just to use it to purchase a scarf, while obviously increasing my total available credit, and then discovering that after I received the card, the scarf had completely sold out. You know the saying that goes something like ‘God has a weird sense of humor’… well the shopping gods are just straight up dicks.

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