I like my hair knotty n my nose piece snotty

Grooming is overrated. I truly feel that way sometimes. Those (some)times being damn near all the time. It’s going on 7 months since I last shaved, or even trimmed my beard. And I haven’t even shaped it up since early September. If I put on hammer loop jeans and carried a small axe around, like say this one, I could probably pass for a genuine lumberjack (I already own a wide variety of flannels). But since that’s not how I’m rolling, I mostly get mistaken for a muslim. Assalamu Alaikum. I get that at least twice a week, and it’s normally when I’m doing something that isn’t righteous, like carrying a 40 of Steel as I’m heading back home from the liquor store or looking at a White Chick Gags on Big Black Cock thread on bgol via my blackberry. I guess perception really is reality or however that saying goes. I’m hoping this perception of me doesn’t hinder my international travels, as it would really put a damper on my quest to be the next Dos Equis man. Although, the Dos Equis man would probably swim across the Atlantic so I might as well bury that dream.

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