Turn mah headphones UP

Some postmortem blessings from my maternal grandmother, my nana. To say she was a fan of music would be like calling Jordan a decent basketball player. She was also a bartender, so maybe that’s were I got my love of alcohol from. Or maybe that was my dad, the alcoholic. Who knows. Coltrane, Miles, Sinatra, Dizzy, so many LPs to aid in the expansion of my musical taste. Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn got me through the last day of the work week without headbutting anyone. My grandmother also blessed me with a orange armchair. Its bright and ugly but I love it.

Unrelated to the above, I think I discovered the reason for the increase in teen suicides. Kids are pussies. Between the slow erosion of physical education in public schools and schools closing early due to what can barely be called inclement weather (these are just two of the thousands of reasons), they are making the future generation one of wimps. Here in certain areas of Maryland, they closed schools early because of rain and flooding. Word, flooding? BOOOOO. I remember going to school and it would be pouring down, sitting in 1st period with damp, 2 tone jeans. Now, they will close school because it’s too cold. Get the fuck outta here with that. I’m sure I sound like someone who went to school in the 50s and shit but oh well. It’s just my opinion. I don’t have any children so I don’t feel the same angst that parents do. Perhaps if I had kids, I’d be singing a totally different song. But I don’t. So here I sit, humming “Don’t Turn Your Baby Into a Bitch”.

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