I’ll eat cha food fast

Last month, Zagat released a list of the best burger chains in the US. Five Guys got the top spot. My first, and last up until recently, visit to Five Guys Burgers was not exciting at all. I have had better burgers at other spots, chains and one offs. Shit, the wings and pizza shop 2 minutes from my house taste just as good. Plus it’s right across the street from a liquor store. Bonus. But I figured I’d give them one more shot. This time, I had them put cheese on it. Now, I must admit that I did not eat the burger as soon as I got it, so I had to reheat. But I’m still not impressed. At all. For the same exact price, which I believe is around 8 or 9 bucks, I can go to Brewer’s and get a waaaaaaaaaaaaay better cheeseburger and fries combo. Five Guys Burgers gets a D.

The fries were good when they were fresh. So, the visit wasn’t a total bust.

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